My name is Patrick Klingenberg and I am a computer science student 🎓

The purpose of this website is to provide me with a medium in which I can publish my thoughts and work on topics I am interested in. On the one hand, this has the purpose of allowing me to recapitulate topics for myself and, in addition, to make them available to other interested folks.

My philosophy:

  • Sharing knowledge is the key to improvement
  • Simple is better
  • Freedom and Transparency
  • Happiness requires little
  • If I did it… you can, too

The name T0XICITY is derived from the song Toxicity by the fantastic band System of a Down ♪♫

I have great fun solving CTF-challenges 🚩
You can meet me at:

Hack The Box

For comments, suggestions or ideas for improvement please send me a mail✉️